The Team behind the regatta

Courtnay Macrae(Oakville Club Commodore)

Courtnay is very well known around the sailing community. She has been instrumental in the past successes of both GHYRA and LYRA race weeks. Courtnay comes from a long line of sailors and is always the "go to" gal when you need help.

Alex McMillin(Regatta Director)

Alex is someone that rarely turns down a challenge. When he started as the regatta director, he wanted to give back more to the sailing community by offering a true OPEN regatta. Free to all who registered. This has led the Oakville Club Open Regatta to be one of the largest 1-day regattas on Lake Ontario.

Mickie Angas(Sponsorship)

When it comes to finding financial help, there's only one person to turn to, Mickie. Mickie has been unbelievable from the start when we wanted to run a regatta with no entry fee. Mickie was the one that let us know what we could and couldn't do. We pretty much achieve exactly what we wanted because of Mickie's hard work.

Paul Carter(Oakville Club Dockmaster)

If you need anything in and around the dock at the OC, Paul is your guy. Always around when you need him and willing to assist whereever he can. Paul has started to play a much more involving role when it comes to the racing program. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team.